Friday, June 06, 2008


As all regular listeners know, I'm a huge food nut and always have been. One of my greatest discoveries in New England is my former radio show producer, Mark Bedrosian. Mark's father was in the food business and Mark learned, as only the son of an Italian mother and Armenian father in Rhode Island can, the way to make classic, handmade Italian sausage.

I have eaten great Italian sausage in many places, including Florence and Rome, and Mark's is as good as it gets. When we worked together, he would make a few pounds and bring it in for me to use in my cooking.

Well, finally Mark's expertise is available for you. Saturday, June 7th, is the grand opening of Papa’s Sausage at 2009 Smith St. in North Providence. I'll be there around 10am to grab a few pounds of Mark's best and bring it back to MetroWest. I also want to check out Mark's store, which he assures me will have authentic Italian foodstuffs that are hard to find in your local grocery.

Is this a shameless plug for a friend? Absolutely! But having enjoyed his handmade sausage so many times, I'm happy to spread the good news to New England foodies everywhere.

Papa’s Sausage
2009 Smith St. North Providence. R.I.