Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Massachusetts "Ultraliberal" Strikes Again!

What the Boston Globe-Democrat says:

A self-described ultraliberal, Marzilli has been a darling of unions, environmental groups, and social service organizations whose causes he championed.

"This does not conform to the behavior of the Jim Marzilli who we know and love," said George Bachrach, a former Democratic state senator from Watertown and a longtime friend who hired Marzilli to run his campaign for governor in 1994. "I feel many of us who had positive relationships with Jim professionally feel deeply for him now personally."

What I say in today's Boston Herald:

Take the example of state Sen. James Marzilli (party affiliation withheld at the request of The Boston Globe). The Arlington liberal was caught - again - allegedly trying to do to a lady on a Lowell park bench what he regularly does to the taxpayers on Beacon Hill.

I love the fact that, yet again, a Clintonesque "advocate for women's issues" is caught with his hands in the, er...uh, well, being inappropriate. We were laughing yesterday when the Globe-Democrat buried Sen. Marzilli's party affiliation in the 11th paragraph of the news story. Today, it's the same defense: "This can't be true--he's a liberal!"

Bill Clinton repeatedly used the power of his elected offices to pressure women into sex. As liberal Christopher Hitchens and reporter Michael Isikoff found, the allegations that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick are credible. If he were a private citizen, they would have surely resulted in a trial.

And yet Bill Clinton remains a "women's champion"--and I don't mean that in any score-keeping, Wilt-Chamberlin sense.

Of the many ways the Left has embarrassed itself during the years of Clinton love, the most humiliating was watching women activists defending a dirtbag like William Jefferson O.J. Clinton.

Sen. Marzilli can only hope the tradition continues.