Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is my father, Simon Graham, during his most recent visit to Boston. For some reason, the management of Jacob Wirth's would NOT allow him in the Ladies room.

Seriously, thanks for the many kind emails re: his appearance on the show Friday. Like every good dad, my dad was unappreciated by his kids until we had kids of our own. Suddenly he seems like a genius.

One listener commenting on my dad and I said "The apple doesn't fall from the tree," which is interesting because my father often says of me "I think someone kicked that apple down the hill."

I hope all my fellow New England dads are having as happy a Father's Day as I. Below are some emails from listeners sharing their father's favorite "words of wisdom" from their youth.


Hi Michael,

My dad, retired Lt. Col from the US Army, used to say "Careful or I'll demobilize you" --Anne

My father had 2 sayings I remember When I was disappointed about something out of my control ( as often the case with kids) he would say: “My boy” (he started everything with that) “You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out. But you dress for them all.” (as my kids’ soccer coach, I catch myself using this one a lot). When I wanted something frivolous (I was one of 6 so there wasn’t much money to spare) he’d say : “People in Hell want ice-water.” -- Phil.

My dad used to say "Children are to be seen, and not heard." It really p***ed me off, too, until I had kids. Now I use it ALL the time! -- Jaqueline.

My Dad's most memorable quote: I got bagged doing what I wasn't suppose to and my dad sat me in a chair and said," I'm gonna punish you. Not for what you did, because I did worse when I was a kid. I'm punishing you for being STUPID enough to get caught." The rest is history and I'm waiting to use it on my kids!!! --Mike from Randolph.


My two oldest sons were directed to me by their mother to answer their questions about "safe sex". I looked them over with a straight face, saying, "There's no such thing as safe sex, because if you have sex before you're married, I'LL KILL YOU."--Paul

Dad's quote: "What do you want a medal, Or a Chest to pin it on" -- Jesse.

And finally, from the evening meal at the Simon (and now Michael) Graham Family Compound: "As long as you put your two feet under MY table, you'll do what I say!"