Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Lunatics Are Running The Law School

Thanks to my buddy Seth Gitell, I can now confidently report that the dean of the Massachusetts School of Law is a kook.

OK, OK, that's not particularly newsworthy. After all, Massachusetts law schools are overrun with professors who (for lack of a better word) "think" that there is no constitutional right to own guns or execute criminals (both of which are explicitly mentioned in the Constitution); but there is a constitutional right to partial-birth abortion.

Like I said, "kooks."

But even in the pantheon of Massachusetts kookery, the dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, Lawrence Velvel, stands out among the Tin Foil Hat Brigades.

As Seth reports, Velvel wants George W. Bush hanged by the neck until dead. Why? As punishment for his war crimes. And Mr. Velvel claims to be serious about it. He's counting on The Hague or some other tribunal to bring W. up on charges and, Velvel hopes, give him the ol' Nazi treatment--right around the neck.

Now, there's nothing knew about conspir-insanity on the left. Visit Gov. Deval Patrick's personal webpage right now, and you can get a heapin' helping of 9/11 kookery on Deval's dime. It's gotten so obvious, even some writers at the Boston Globe-Democrat are starting to notice.

But the head of our state's law school, hoping to see George W. Bush hang? I think the guy has some issues.

Gee, I wonder if Mr. Velvel would support the death penalty for repeat child rapists? Or mass murderers? How about Osama bin Laden?

Or does he, as a good Lefty, only support capital punishment for the worst of the worse: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.