Wednesday, April 26, 2006

CAIR Gets Caught Again

Many of you are familiar with my "relationship" with the Council of Angry Islamic "Council on American-Islamic Relations," an organization founded by terror supporters that, for some bizarre reason, had enough clout with ABC/Disney to get me fired from a previous radio gig.

My first encounter with CAIR was a press release they sent out falsely claiming that I said on the air that all Muslims should be killed. Fortunately for me, my listeners knew this was sheer idiocy and, eventually, Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR was forced to admit--LIVE ON MY SHOW--that they were lying.

Now, CAIR has been caught again. As David Frum recounts, CAIR has had to withdraw a lawsuit they filed based on the claim that it is a lie to link CAIR to terrorism. CAIR has essentially acknowledged that this statement is true. CAIR has undeniable links to terror, not the least of which is the fact that four of its members are either in jail or on the lam for committing terror-related crimes.

Which once again raises the question: What the hell was ABC Radio thinking when it fired me over complaints from this gang of goons?