Thursday, April 20, 2006

As NOT Reported By The Boston Globe...

The headline in the MetroWest Daily News (on a story NOT found in the Globe) reads:


But before you get too excited about this "crackdown" on employers of illegal immigrants, be sure to read this 'graph from the MetroWest coverage:

Federal law prohibits employment of illegal immigrants and provides for penalties and fines against employers who hire them, but it is a common practice among big industries, small companies and individuals across the country because of lax enforcement.
Just one Massachusetts company has been fined in the last three years for hiring illegal immigrants, a Daily News analysis of federal records has shown. That company, Walden Station restaurant in Concord, was fined $1,500.
A report by the Government Accountability Office last year found the number of penalties issued to companies suspected of hiring illegal immigrants across the nation plummeted from 417 in 1999 to only three in 2004.

That's right: Three. Which is why some American companies have taken the additional step of hiring illegals to recruit more illegals to work for them.

And remember amid all this "we need reform" talk that hiring illegals is against the law right now. We just don't enforce it. And after amnest is granted to 12 million illegal aliens and the lawbreakers who've hired them, we STILL won't enforce the law.

In Washington DC, that's what they call "reform."