Monday, April 10, 2006

It's Monday: Do You Know Where Your "Undocumented Workers" Are?

Probably handing out something like this (from the pro-amnesty rally in Dallas yesterday) in downtown Boston this afternoon. If you had any doubt what the REAL agenda of the pro-amnesty movement is, this Democratic Party flier should answer it for you. Oh, and be sure to notice the artwork: what country do the Democrats want them to vote in again?

Will Mayor Menino once again said a representative to talk to the advocates of open borders and lawbreaking as he did a few weeks ago? Will would-be governor Deval Patrick once again show up to encouraged citizens of foreign countries to try and influence our democratic process, as he did at the state house last week?

Will anyone at the rallies today in Boston or elsewhere admit that their plan for "securing our borders" if they get amnesty today is MORE amnesty tomorrow?

Yeah, right.

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