Monday, April 10, 2006

Biased In Boston?

Of COURSE! After completely ignoring Thursday's rally at the state house by American citizens opposed to amnesty, today the target="_blank">Boston Globe was ADVERTISING the illegal's pro-amnesty event for this afternoon. Some local broadcast newsrooms (who uniformly refused to cover the pro-border security event) were doing the same, forward-selling their coverage of the pro-amnesty rally later today.

At least one news outlet is defending its decision to refuse to cover the pro-border security side of the debate by blaming me. "We're not going to cover a stunt by some radio talk host," a producer at Fox 25 sniffed.

Fine. So instead of covering me, how about covering the THOUSANDS OF NEW ENGLANDERS who showed up? And are you going to avoid today's rally of illegals because it was organized by political activists pushing their own agenda? Will the presence of Mayor Menino's representative giving a political speech (to name just opportunistic politician) keep you away?

Of course not. There is no way the Boston media can justify their overwhelming coverage of today's amnesty rally after having ignored Thursday's border security event. So they won't even try.

The Boston Globe: All spin, all bias...and no shame.