Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rally For America's Borders! Who Was There...And Who Wasn't?

If we lived in a rational world (as opposed to Massachusetts), one would assume that a gathering of more than 1,000 voters and citizens speaking out in defense of America's borders would draw a large contingent of politicians and candidates. The total head count at yesterday's Defend Our Borders Town Hall meeting?

Six. That's it. Six.

Rep. Parente, and state Senators Hedlund and Fargo were the only elected officials who had the courage to join us in support of border security and the rule of law.

Three candidates also joined us: Gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos, Congressional candidate Richard Barton and state senate candidate Doug Obey.

No Mitt Romney. No Kerry Healy. No Tom Reilly or Chris Gabreli.

This is a pathetically short list, given the number of legislators and candidates who came to Gardner Auditorium two days earlier to show their support for continued illegal immigration and amnesty. Deval Patrick was there, along with Andrea Silbert and others, all asking NON-CITIZENS for their support in our elections. But they were all no-shows when a gathering of citizens came to the State House two days later.

Speaking of no-shows, where the heck was the Boston Globe? They've covered every pro-amnesty event in town, including Tuesday's, but had zero coverage of the taxpaying citizens at the State House. Channel 4? Channel 5? Channel 7? Fox 25?

Nothing. They all covered previous pro-illegal events on Beacon Hill, and they all blew us off.

Kudos, however, to the Boston Herald, Metrowest Daily News and NECN for doing something the Boston Globe abandoned long ago: Covering the actual news.

The Globe's ombudsman and supposed "reader advocate" (ha, ha) can be reached at