Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thanks, George! (And Ted and John and Lindsey and...)

The Senate hasn't even voted yet, and one of the worst outcomes of their "rewards for illegals" plan has already begun. Illegal immigrants are pouring over the southern border in anticipation of "amnesty" here in the US.

One shelter in Arizona that serves illegals reports that they took in 2,000 illegals in March--500 more than last year. "Every time there is talk in the north of legalizing [illegal aliens], people get their hopes up," said one of the shelter's operators.

The illegal aliens are reporting that family members in the US--some of them also illegal--are encouraging them to come over now. "My brothers said there is plenty of work there, and that it looks like they will start giving away (work) permits," one illegal immigrant told the AP.

Open borders supporters, we've been telling you all along that amnesty = more illegals. Now you have the objective truth. We're right. You're wrong. Admit it.