Monday, April 10, 2006

Americans Ordered To Flee Illegals At Boston Pro-Amnesty Rally

Dennis Coull is a 96.9 FM TALK listener. He and four friends went to the pro-amnesty rally on Boston Common today to express their opposition. They wore signs opposing illegal immigration and amnesty and spoke out, but not in a violent or aggressive way.

But they also didn't back down. For an hour they stood their ground, debated illegal aliens who approached them (Dennis & Co. confronted no one. They didn't have to). After an hour of holding their own in the debate, several hundred members of the pro-amnesty crowd decided it was time to go to their preferred form of persuasion: force.

They started yelling threats and cursing at the five American citizens. Then the pro-amnesty crowd began throwing things at them and moving towards them in a threatening threatening that the Boston Police intervened. The police told Dennis and his friends that their safety was in danger and they--not the threatening crowd--had to leave Boston Common.

Dennis complied, but he also saw the irony of the situation: Americans exercising their right to speech being silenced by physical threats from illegal aliens. Once again, the law abiding are forced to accommodate the law breakers.

This is getting messier and messier...