Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey, Hillary--They ARE Felons!

Sen. Clinton made headlines recently with her opposition to "criminalizing illegal aliens." She prefers those NON-criminal illegal acts,,

Well, anyway, as we've pointed out on the Michael Graham show, sneaking into the US is already a crime punishable by six months in prison. But what about people who come here on visas and promise to leave after six months or a year, but then refuse to go home. What about them?

Turns out, if they've got a job, they're probably felons already. Despite the assertion by immigration lawyers that having fake Social Security cards and driver's licenses is "petty crime," those are, in fact, felonies.

So, for example, if this MetroWest area driver who seriously injured two children this weekend is here in America illegally and has a fake Social Security card, will the Massachusetts State Police or local cops arrest him for his felony? Why not? If he used that fake SS card to fraudulently obtain a driver's license, will they bust him for that? Once again, why not?

Do local Massachusetts cops really support leaving felons speeding down our roadways?