Monday, October 16, 2006

Where's My Tax Cut, Mr. Patrick?

Our friend Barbara Anderson at Citizens for Limited Taxation asks Deval Patrick the key question--one he isn't being asked by the sycophants at the Boston Globe:

"My quarterly property tax of $864 is due on November 1. My total annual property tax on my five room house is $3,456. If you become governor, what will my property tax be next year at this time?

Great question, Barbara. And by asking it, she makes the key point. Deval Patrick has NO idea what tax rate her local town or city is going to impose. As governor, he will have no ability to control it. And if the past is any indication, local towns will raise local property taxes as high as Prop 2 1/2 will allow--no matter how much state money they receive.

So why does Deval Patrick keep saying he's going to cut out property taxes? How does he plan to do it? And even if he had a plan (which he doesn't), how would he and the legislature make it happen?

With all the whining "Dry Your Eyes" Duval is doing about the supposedly negative ads of Kerry Healy, he should probably spend some time on the common-sense questions of average citizens like Barbara Anderson.