Monday, November 06, 2006

From The "Only In Massachusetts" File

In one of those Q & A round-up of questions designed to reveal the "real person" behind the candidate ("What was your first car and who paid for it,"), Boston Globe-Democrat columnist Derrick Z. Jackson asked all the Massachusetts candidates for governor:

What book have you disagreed with the most in your life?

Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, who's problem has been her inability to connect with the average voter, picked that popular coffee-table decoration, Nietzche's Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Democratic candidate and Clintonista Deval Patrick did what we voters have already come to expect from our next governor: He didn't answer the question.

Cranky Mihos, the populist third-party guy, chose The Da Vinci Code, proving he at least understands the premise of his own campaign.

But the answer from Green-Rainbow Party candidate Grace Ross (currently at 2% in the polls) was stunning, even for a loony fringe candidate. She chose Orwell's Animal Farm.

What a breath-taking admission from an allegedly educated person. What an astonishing revelation of irrationality and radicalization. Can I safely assume then that Das Kapital is on her preferred reading list?

Here in Massachusetts we are seeing a re-radicalization of the Left. Ms. Ross, for example, has attended a pro-Hezbullah rally and a memorial service for the terrorists (not the victims) of Black September...SINCE becoming her party's nominee!

Now we're going to re-debate the merits of Stalinism? Incredible.