Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Dope O' The Day

Today's DO'D has got to be Massachusetts Democrat Peter Koutoujian, sponsor of a bill to ban trans fats in all Massachusetts restaurants.

Particularly annoying is Koutoujian's reasoning:

“Much of the [restaurant] industry has moved in this direction already, and others will have to move in this direction, so I believe the resistance will be much less than it would have been a year ago.”

In other words, this isn't a matter of principle--there are plenty of things we're eating and drinking today that do far more harm than trans fats. Rather, it's a matter of what the government can get away with. Yesterday, they overcame the "resistance" to the government banning smoking on private property. Today, they "resistance" to taking away your trans fat is low.

Tomorrow? If I were you, I'd eat that pork chop quick before Rep. Koutoujian sees it.