Monday, January 15, 2007

Will Gov. Patrick Celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

A nonsensical question from a political standpoint, but given Gov. Patrick's personal beliefs, why should he?

Unlike Dr. King, Gov. Patrick supports judging people solely on the color of the skin. As a member of the Clinton administration, Patrick pushed for years to give a school system the right to fire a teacher solely for being white.

Unlike Dr. King, Gov. Patrick believes in "race guilt"--the idea that a group of people can be judged and punished for the behavior of some of its members. That's why Gov. Patrick supports reparations for slavery. This bizarre idea would have the net effect of forcing the white descendants of Union soldiers killed in the Civil War to pay money to black descendants of West African slave traders who did business with their white counterparts from Europe.

Unlike Dr. King, Gov. Patrick supports denying voters their constitutionally protected civil rights. Just as Bull Connor stood in the doorway of polling places and stopped blacks from entering, Gov. Patrick stood at the state house and tried to turn away 170,000 voters who had legally earned the right to be heard on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Is there any part of Dr. King's legacy that Gov. Patrick actually supports? Here's an excellent article by Jon Keller about Deval Patrick's position on race. The unintended answer is "no."