Friday, April 13, 2007

Al Sharpton, Speech Nazi

What would you do if you were at a rally and your fellow activists were shouting "Jew bastards" and "blood-sucking Jews!" I assume you'd do what I'd do, and leave promptly.

Al Sharpton. The angry mob terrorizing a Jewish landlord was in fact organized by Sharpton. One of the members, listening to Sharpton's "get whitey!" rhetoric, ran into the building, shot several people, set it on fire and killed himself. Eight people would die that day, "fighting the power" with Al Sharpton.

And this is the man who got Don Imus fired, and would like to get me fired, too. Why is anyone taking this idiotic, anti-Semitic, barely literate, hate-spewing thug seriously? Why do the Democrats continue to invite the David Duke of their party to speak at their national conventions? Why would any self-respecting businessman, like Les Moonves, do him the honor of meeting with him?

Why? Fear. Al Sharpton can turn out crowds of white people and rows of TV cameras. He can make the accusation of racism--no matter how ridiculous--and get the media to repeat it. If you're the average American, you can't win that fight. The accusation alone is enough to hurt you.

Al Sharpton is now the biggest swinging in the American media industry. He has destroyed the career of a successful broadcaster (albeit with that broadcaster's unintended help) and he's already announced he's looking for more.

Jesse Jackson is getting in the action, too, joining
Keith Olbermann for an on-air discussion of who's next. Olbermann--the Joe McCarthy of our time--literally has a hit list of the hosts who must go. Coincidentally (?), none of them share his left-of-center politics.

This is the state of public discourse today. We have let the most ignorant and irrational among us--Sharpton, Jackson, Olbermann--operate as Speech Nazis, silencing anyone who does not follow the party line.

Getting fired for being stupid is one thing. But getting fired by a hate-spewing, corrupt, self-promoting clown like Al Sharpton? You gotta be kidding me.