Monday, April 02, 2007

Mayor Menin-Yo Sacks The REAL Boston Bad Guys

Bullets flyin' in Boston? Dead kids in Dorchester? Don't blame the policies of Mayor Tom "T-Mizzie" Menin-yo or his friends on the Hip Hop Roundtable.

The real problem, according to T-Mizzie, isn't gangs, it's not the "revolving door" of liberal Massachusetts judges. No, the 60% increase in murders this year vs. last year (which was already at a 10-year high) is all because of...the Super Bowl!

This morning on
Fox 25, the Mayor blamed violent Super Bowl ads for the murders in Boston. He also blamed the federal government, the state government, Hannibal Lector and global warming. Everyone and everything except his years of policies rejecting more police, more patrols in targeted areas, more arrests, etc., etc.

Hey, it could have been worse. The mayor could have blamed the blood-filled streets on
poor fashion sense.

The mayor did brag about the cops confiscating 30% more guns during the same period that murders shot up 60%. T-Mizzie thinks this proves he's got the problem solved. Uh, no.

What the Mayor's numbers show is that guns AREN'T the problem. People willing to use them are. And why shouldn't they, when a murderer who kills in Boston has just a 20% chance of ever going to prison for it.

What makes this so tragic is that the Mayor knows what to do. He knows what works. Confront the criminals. Start busting people for minor offenses like jumping turnstiles and loitering. Let the hoods know that the guys in blue run the streets. Put crooks with guns in jail and leave them there.

working everywhere else, Mr. Mayor. It worked in Boston once before. All we need are leaders willing to get the job done.