Sunday, April 15, 2007

No, Liberals Are NOT Smarter Than A 5th Grader

You've got to read this Boston Globe-Democrat op-ed from Robert Kuttner just for the sheer, unmoderated, joyous, gut-busting hilarious ignorance of it.

Kuttner is allegedly one of the leading thinkers of the New Left, and he's actually unashamed to make these public!

Jimmy Carter was a "conservative Democrat?"

The Reagan economy was a "failure?"

Nixon--who imposed wage and price controls, supported massive government spending and high taxes, and who signed into law the most draconian government programs in history--was a "conservative?"

It's not Kuttner's left-wing politics that makes him stupid. It's his stupidity. This is just plain embarrassing. Why not write that LBJ was a Nazi, or that Katrina wasn't an actual hurricane, or that Ted Kennedy won the Cold War? Why not?

The facts about Carter's liberalism, or the '80's economic boom (it set a new record for the longest period of economic growth since WWII) or Nixon's center-left politics are not in dispute--at least, not by rational people. You can still love Carter and hate Reagan and Nixon, but hating Nixon for being a "conservative" is like hating George W. Bush for being an intellectual.

How the editors of the Boston Globe-Democrat even published this idiocy with a straight face is beyond me.

UPDATE: For the Cambridge loonies who will be emailing me about the "horrible economy" of the 1980s, here are the facts.