Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VTech Shooting: Gun-Control Kooks Are Way Off Target

And they're off!

The families haven't even started buried the dead in Blacksburg, VA, and already the Al Sharpton's of the anti-gun movement are demanding an immediate end to the Second Amendment.

When they're not blaming George W. Bush, they anti-freedom forces are screaming about the "assualt gun ban" and Virginia's "lax" gun laws. John Edwards wants to "restrict gun sales," according to the New York Times. And on every point, they anti-gun kooks are wrong. Not a single one of their demands would have had any impact on the crime or the criminal who committed it.

Let's do something the lefty anti-gun loonies never do: Think.

The assault weapons ban did expire in 2004, that's true. And the number of "assualt weapons" sicko Cho used to murder 32 people? That would

Yes, Cho was able to legally buy a .22 caliber pistol in Virginia without a waiting period. But he took more than 30 days to buy the two guns he wanted anyway. Making him wait five more days would have made how much of a difference? That would be...none.

The pistols he had did not hold an inordinate number of bullets. They weren't automatic. He could have committed the exact same crime with a traditional revolver.

Cho had to have a background check, federal and local. He passed. He had to have a legal ID. He did. He could only buy one gun in Virginia every 30 days. He waited.

And then he took his guns and made the choice to commit a heinous, evil act. Not a single law proposed by any of the gun kooks trying to exploit this crime would have had any effect whatsoever on Cho or his crime.

For those of you who disagree, here's my simple question: What did Cho do BEFORE his decision to become a murderer that you and I should not be allowed to do?

Are you saying you and I shouldn't be able to buy a .22 pistol? How about a .22 rifle, just as deadly? Folks, if John Edwards is serious about criminalizing the purchase of these basic firearms, then there is NO right to bear arms at all.

We're not talking about AK-47s here, or even .44 magnums, Dirty-Harry style. The only way to stop the next Cho from buying a .22 is to ban all legal sales of handguns.

This, of course, will have no impact whatsoever on criminals since they already buy their guns illegally. But it will mean stripping the Second Amendment from the US Constitution.

Today, 32 people are dead. Do we really want to add to that tragedy by killing the Constitution?