Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Worst Mass Shooting In US History

The horrific crime at Virginia Tech is, obviously, our topic today on the Natural Truth. If you're like me and are still unclear about the basic facts of the story, we'll be covering the events from beginning to end on this morning's show.

A good place to start is the Virginia Tech campus paper. However, be forewarned that you'll encounter the kinds of goofy, poorly-informed opinions one associates with college "journalism."

The Roanoke Times is also on top of this story as well, with a timeline and updated blogs. And Virginia Tech has a website dedicated to this crime.

Locally, one of the 32 victims (the cowardly dirtbag shooter is not included in the victim count) was Ross Alameddin of Saugus, MA. And Michelle McPhee at the Boston Herald reports that this heinous crime has inspired local cops and universities to take a fresh look at campus safety.

We will have live updates from Blacksburg, VA on the show today. Please make plans to be part of the conversation.

UPDATE: Many listeners think that this action by the Virginia legislature is relevant to the VTech story. I'm not sure anyone should be drawing any conclusions at this point. Right now, this is a terrible, wildly unusual crime committed by a monster among us. That's all.