Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wyc, Hasn't Boston Suffered Enough?

Three years of rising murder rates. Hundreds of random shootings a year. Kids gunned down outside schools and on buses. And now....


Oh, the humanity.

Seriously, in the midst of this violent crime spree, why would anyone possibly want to bring Ron Artest here...on purpose?

Doesn't Wyc Grousbeck read the papers? Doesn't he know what happened at the
last All-Star game? Do we really need Pacman Jones roaming the bloody streets of Boston?

And you know how people keep saying "Tourists don't belong in Dorchester?" Well, given the lack of casinos and strip clubs in Boston, ALL the All-Star attendees will be headed straight to Dorchester. Or maybe Providence.

I think the governor needs to step in and save us from Thugball. He needs to pressure the Celtics into dumping their bid for the All Star game right now, before it's too late.

Either that, or Gov. Patrick can invite Latrell Sprewell to spend the weekend at HIS house.