Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From Boston.com this morning:

Fiscal lift in immigrant legislation

The immigration bill before Congress would cost the federal government roughly $18 billion over the next decade, according to an analysis. [emphasis added]

Some "lift."

The story goes on to make the incredulous claim that low-skilled, high school drop-out who are also illegal immigrants are actually net tax producers...unlike the low-skilled, high school drop-outs born in America. The CBO report the story is based on apparently only calculates direct costs like tax credits and federally funded social services. The Globe does include a dismissive mention of the well-known Heritage Foundation study giving a far more accurate assessment of the costs.

But it's worth noting how hard the Boston Globe-Democrat is working in its news pages to hide the obvious facts. What kind of story has a headline like "Fiscal lift, burden in immigrant legislation?" Which is it? Why not just say "Even the Washington insiders admit this is going to cost money--deal with it!"

Because the Boston Globe-Democrat has an agenda. When the facts get in the way, they go into full origami mode to flip and fold them in such a manner that you still see what they want you to see, separate from the facts.