Monday, July 23, 2007

"Beat John Doe"

That's the goal of CAIR and its allies on the Loony Left, which is why Congressional Democrats killed the "John Doe Protection Act."

The JDPA would stop lawsuits against average citizens who "see something, say something" they find suspicious at the airport, train station, etc. CAIR filed lawsuits against the citizens who reported the angry imams at the Minneapolis airport late last year. These lawsuits sent a clear message to the traveling public that, when it comes to Muslims, keep your traps shut.

The Congress had a chance to stand up on behalf of average Americans trying to do their part to stop terrorism. Instead, the Congress sided with trial lawyers and angry imams.

What will Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry say if, as happened on 9/11, an American who had a chance to stop a major terror attack says nothing, and thousands of citizens are killed yet again? Will the lawsuits be worth it then?