Thursday, August 30, 2007

Support Illegal Immigrants--Eat More Fiber!

The lead of the Boston Globe-Democrat's story on a recent immigration enforcement action raises disturbing medical questions:

"Advocates for immigrants accused federal officials yesterday of rounding up regular undocumented immigrants..." (emphasis added)

The "regular" illegal aliens? As opposed to the "irregular" ones?

I realize there are many problems related to being an immigration criminal in the US. As renowned social scientist Phil Collins notes, it's no fun being an illegal alien.

But I didn't realize illegal immigration was so hard on the digestive tract.

That is what the Globe-Democrat is talking about, right? What else could the phrase "regular undocumented immigrant" mean? If the paper is trying to report on their immigration status, well, by definition every illegal alien is an "irregular" immigrant. So what's the point?

Then again, we're talking about a newspaper that censors its own pages to appease irrational Islamist morons, and intentionally uses the nonsensical phrase "undocumented workers."

So it's no surprise that we don't know what the Boston Globe-Democrat is talking about. The real question is, do they?