Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting A Delegate Migraine Yet?

Every day, people in the press tell us that Super Duper Tuesday is all about delegates. Then they skip over that key bit of information: How are the delegates handed out?

Jim Geraghty has a great item at the Campaign Spot that includes both a description on how the GOP delegates are won in each state, and his state-by-state analysis regarding who is likely to win them.

Meanwhile, this piece by Bob Novak gives a brief description of the Democrats somewhat proportional system:

There is no mathematical possibility of Mega Tuesday balloting in 22 states tomorrow for 1,681 delegates -- labeled the first "national" primary -- giving either Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama close to the 2,025 delegates necessary for nomination. That unexpected reality is produced by Obama's appeal, Clinton fatigue and extreme proportional representation adopted by the Democratic Party.

All of which means we likely won't understand the consequences of Super Duper Tuesday until well into "What The Heck Was That" Wednesday.