Sunday, April 06, 2008

Girls Getting Ready To Go Wild

Massachusetts is a state that Hillary Clinton won, but has quite a few Obama superdelegates. Among them: Gov. Deval Patrick and the two US Senators, Kerry and Kennedy.

According to Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi (or as she's known here in Boston, "Ellen Goodman, Jr.") Massachusetts' female politicians are pushing the good ol' boys to support the idea that superdelegates should not be bound by the overall popular vote. Even as the Clinton campaign struggles, our local ladies are making lots of noise, demanding meetings with Kennedy, Patrick etc.

In fact, Vennochi claims that our state Senate leader, Therese Murray, and other prominent female Democrats "are threatening to withhold support for the party nominee, if they don't like the way the nominating process plays out."

Gov. Patrick is scheduled to meet with them this week, while Sen. Kerry "the Democratic presidential nominee still haunted by how the votes were counted in Ohio in 2004," according to Vennochi, "has yet to finalize a meeting with them."

By the way, is Sen. Kerry really "haunted by how the votes were counted in Ohio?" If so, I can see why, because the votes were, by all objective reports, counted in the most unfavorable way possible for Sen. Kerry: