Monday, April 14, 2008

What Has Obama Done?

In the best analysis of Sen. Obama's "cling to God and guns" comments I've yet read, Bill Kristol in the NYTimes asks:

And what are the grounds for his supercilious disdain? If he were a war hero, if he had a career of remarkable civic achievement or public service — then he could perhaps be excused an unattractive but in a sense understandable hauteur. But what has Barack Obama accomplished that entitles him to look down on his fellow Americans?


For weeks I've been asking listeners at 96.9 FM TALK the same question, phrased this way: Is Obama worth it? Sure, you can vote for a guy who hangs out with terrorists, who spent 20 years at the feet of a raving, racist loony, who lives in the outer fringes of the leftwing politics of his own party, and who clearly has issues with how he feels about our country. Go right ahead.

But for what? What is it you believe Sen. Obama can accomplish that makes him worth the price? What can he do? What will he do? What has he ever done?

Every day, millions of Americans--many of them (shock!) white--struggle more just to get by and pay the bills than Sen. Obama has ever struggled in his entire life. Where does Sen. Obama get the audacity to condescend and speak down to them? Because he went to Harvard? Because he can give a good speech?

Big deal.

Can he keep a small business open, even while gas prices climb and the economy slips? Can he squeeze in an extra sales call and still make it home in time to watch the kids so his wife can get to her job on time? Can he find a way to keep his business competitive despite illegal competition from businesses using crimmigrant labor to undercut costs and avoid taxes?

And can Sen. Obama do all that, while listening to some pompous blowhard insult and demean him?

What gall. What nerve. What ignorant arrogance. And if you're still planning on voting for Sen. Obama...what the hell are you thinking?