Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What's REALLY Going On In Iraq?

The honest, Natural Truth answer is that nobody knows for sure.

However, when you compare Gen. Patraeus to Mrs. Bill "Willful Suspension of Disbelief" Clinton, it's obvious that some people knwo more than others. So as you listen to politicians and pundits blather on cluelessly--including yours truly--here are some stories and sources that I believe are adding to the conversation.

First is this AP story about the trouble the pro-Iranian Sadr extremists are in right now as the entire Iraqi government, including their former Shia allies, turns against them.

Second is this item by Rich Lowry at NRO quoting some observations from a knowledgable source.

Third, but perhaps most valuable, is Michael Yon's website. He's spent more time on the ground reporting the war than any other journalist. If you aren't reading his stuff, you cannot get a truly informed view of Iraq.

Fourth is Bill Roggio's Long War Journal. Once again, these sources aren't definitive, but they add information to balance the blatant, anti-war bias of the mainstream media.

There are many, many other great websites, journalists, etc., but these are a good start.

UPDATE: Here's another helpful view from inside Iraq that you should add to any conversation about our mission and its future.

UPDATE II: And you can read Gen. Patraeus' sworn testimony before the US Senate for yourself--always a good idea.