Monday, April 07, 2008

Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can't, Teach.

And those who can't teach, teach anyway! Here in Massachusetts, that's called education reform.

Read all about it in my Boston Herald column today.

UPDATE: With an idea this dumb, you know Gov. Patrick's going to love it!
One day after the issue sparked derision and mockery on the Senate floor, the Patrick administration has indicated it is receptive to legislation that would allow aspiring teachers who fail the certification test three times to get licensed anyway.

S. Paul Reville, chairman of the state Board of Education, said yesterday that the administration is trying to figure out what other criteria it might use to judge candidates who cannot pass the test..."The test is one methodology - and we think it's a valid and reliable methodology for looking at people's level of skills and knowledge - but it isn't necessarily the best venue for everybody to demonstrate their competency," said Reville.