Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Ever Happened To What's-His-Name?

Angry, post-menopausal women who want to say "Thank You" to Hillary Clinton for proving that America is a nation of sexist pigs can do so at a new website posted by the Clinton campaign.
It features a photo album tribute to the Arkansas attorney and one-term senator with the highest "unfavorable" ratings of any presidential candidate since Watergate, but who only lost the Democratic nomination because she's a girl.

And if you do check out this photo album, you'll see that the Hillary campaign was absolutely for the ladies, of the ladies and by the ladies. Hardly any men appear in the photos at all. Lots of Hillary pics (of course) and quite a few with Chelsea.

But there's one person who you might be expecting to see in a Clinton campaign retrospective who doesn't appear even a single time. A guy who was out on the campaign trail quite a bit, and who many of us sexist pigs believe made Hillary's campaign possible. In fact, some of us Neanderthals would argue that if it were not for Hillary's relationship to this man, she wouldn't have been a serious contender for the White House.

Who is he? If you don't know, you won't find out from Hillary's website.