Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gloucester Girls Get The Message...And A Baby Daddy!

Remember that arrogant jerk Dr. Brian Orr from the school clinic at Gloucester High--the one who quit because the hospital overseeing his work wouldn't let him give out birth control to 14-and 15-year olds without their parents knowledge or consent? He believed that society should give birth control to these teens and then trust their judgment. After all, who are the parents to judge?

Well, the girls at his high school were certainly paying attention...

According to Time Magazine, about half the 17 girls who became pregnant during this year's "pregnancy crisis!" at Gloucester did so...ON PURPOSE. They made a pregnany pact with each other and used the school clinic as their own private ob/gyn.

The girls who made the pregnancy pact—some of whom, according to [the school principal] reacted to the news that they were expecting with high fives and plans for baby showers—declined to be interviewed. So did their parents. But Amanda Ireland, who graduated from Gloucester High on June 8, thinks she knows why these girls wanted to get pregnant. Ireland, 18, gave birth her freshman year and says some of her now pregnant schoolmates regularly approached her in the hall, remarking how lucky she was to have a baby...

The high school has done perhaps too good a job of embracing young mothers. Sex-ed classes end freshman year at Gloucester, where teen parents are encouraged to take their children to a free on-site day-care center. Strollers mingle seamlessly in school hallways among cheerleaders and junior ROTC. "We're proud to help the mothers stay in school," says Sue Todd, CEO of Pathways for Children, which runs the day-care center.

Dr. Orr continues to insist that the solution is to make it easier for 15-year-olds to have sex, to treat their sexual activity as normal and acceptable and to give them hormone pills behind their parents back.

Instead, what he and the Gloucester schools have done is to encourage the idiotic notions in their girls' heads that they are mature and responsible enough to be making these decisions. They are "choosing" (pause for a moment of sacred chanting from feminists) to go get pregnant and become moms at the age of 16. That is their "right" (pause again for cheers from opponents of abstinence-based education). Parents? They don't need no stinkin' parents.

They've got Dr. Brian Orr and his school clinic. And as a result, these girls will soon have a taxpayer-subsidized bundle of joy.