Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Embarrassed Obamas Strike Again!

First it was Michelle, telling us she was never been proud of American democracy before her husband was nominted.

Now it's Barack Obama, revealing his "embarrassment" over the fact that more Americans don't speak French. (hinting, perhaps, at an Obama/Kerry ticket?) Watch the video of Obama's remarks for yourself.

Not surprising--it's becoming a pattern with Sen. Obama--he's wrong on the facts. He tells Americans to "stop worrying about immigrants learning English. They'll learn English. Instead, you need to teach your children to speak Spanish!"

But the modern generation of Hispanic immigrants are not assimilating the same way previous generations of immigrants have done. Most immigrant families are speaking English in and out of the home by the time the first generation of native-born Americans are adults. But a significant percentage of immigrants from Mexico are still speaking Spanish at home in their third generation. In fact, almost half of Hispanic immigrants now live in communities in America where Spanish is the primary language.

And Sen. Obama's response? The rest of us should learn Spanish, too.