Monday, July 28, 2008

You Say "Heroes of WWII." Liberals Say "Mass Murderers"

So says uber-liberal and Obama sycophant James Carroll in the Boston Globe-Democrat today.

Even among the die-hard Lefties of the Globe-Democrat, Carroll stands out for his strident anti-Americanism and lingering fondness for the good old days of Stalinism. Intellectually, Carroll is the Michael Savage of the Massachusetts Left: If someone property adjusted his meds, he'd no longer have anything interesting to say.

Which is why I usually treat his Globe-Democrat columns the same way I treat the guy outside the T stop ranting about the coming revenge of the giant lizard people. I avert my eyes and keep walking.

Today, however, my eye fell on a comment about the Americans who fought WWII that was so shocking I couldn't pass by. "Mass murder." And Carroll wasn't talking about the Nazis or imperial Japan.

The premise of Carroll's anti-American screed today is that American military power is a force for evil. Using Sen. Obama's appearance in Berlin as a launching point, Carroll dismisses the "fall of the Berlin Wall" propaganda this way:

Unlike other American politicians who routinely claim that the United States "won" the Cold War, Obama credited the crowd to whom he was speaking near the former site of the Berlin Wall. "When you, the German people, tore down that wall . . . walls came tumbling down around the world." At last, an American leader was crediting the world-historic outbreak of non-violence in 1989 as the political force it was.

This is out-and-out idiocy. The German pacifist movement that marched in the streets protesting Reagan's military challenge to the Soviet Union did nothing to bring down the wall. If Carroll and these "nuke kooks" had gotten their way, 100 million people would be living under Communist tyranny today. The gulags would still be open, advocates of freedom would still be dying at the hands of the Soviet police, and Communism would still be threatening free people around the world.

OK, that's a Globe-Democrat writer being stupid. Big deal. Where Carroll crosses the line into outrageous insult is his declaration that the real story of Berlin isn't the airlift or the defeat of Communism, but rather the alleged war crime America committed by bombing Berlin during WWII. This mass bombing (which helped defeat the Nazis and end the war) made Hiroshima possible. Here's how Carroll puts it:

The strongest rationale for use of the atomic bomb against Hiroshima was that America had already crossed the threshold into mass murder from the air. We crossed it in
America's military in WWII--heroes who defeated fascism? No way! They're "mass murderers" who should have put down their guns and picked up their "Hell, No--We Won't Go!" posters instead. If you want heroes, Carroll believes, you should look to war protesters, not the blood-thirsty savages of the US military.

Carroll is a pacifist, so he has to be this stupid and uninformed in order to maintain his ideology. But the Boston Globe-Democrat is under no obligation to print the slur "mass murder" against men like my grandfather, who fought in Europe and the Pacific against the great evils that cowards like Carroll are too gutless to confront even today.