Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emails Of The Day



@ 7 miles long and 21 Billion dollars that comes out to:

Each mile cost $3 thousand million,

Each Foot cost $1.7 Million

Each Inch cost $150,000

It’s mind boggling

--Oscar in concord

I was actually at the very 1st meeting about the big dig presented to the downtown business association was very impressive. At that meeting the state/feds said they werent sure of the hard number but expected the cost to be " a little more than a billion"

I missed the 2nd meeting and by the 3rd meeting the " projected cost " was over the 3 billion mark and the gold shovel hadn't been purchased !!



Michael, I'm surrounded by dog loving whackos! I have a relative from down south who shows up with her two lap dogs in dog carriers. We told her because we have two cats that we can't have the dogs running around the house. Insulted, she now stays in a motel. My mother, God rest her soul, was another demented ldog lover. Whenever, I visited her I was attacked by her miniature long haired dachsund, an animal that bore a strange resemblance to a large tootsie roll. In any event, one of the attacks resulted in my slacks being torn to shreds. I looked like a refugee from the The Pirates Penzance. My mothers response? "Oh, he's just showing you how much he loves you!


I will agree not to bring in my dog if you promise not to foist $5 fund raising candy bars on me or leave 2 hours early for youth soccer or school plays, forcing the rest of us to cover for you or do your work. The fact that dogs are not children doesn't make self-absorbed behavior by parents any less obnoxious.

--Skip in Duxbury