Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too Much, Too Good, Today

Today is one of those days when I wish I had a six hour show. There's just so much hilarious, humiliating and outrageous stuff to talk about.

I could do an entire hour, for example on Lefty lunatic icon Howard Zinn's op-ed in the Boston Globe-Democrat today. Written for (and possibly by) someone with a college-freshman level command of both history and English, Zinn tries to make the case that all war is bad:

Have our political leaders gone mad? Have they learned nothing from recent history? Have they not learned that no one "wins" in a war....We should be asking the presidential candidates: Is our war in Afghanistan ending terrorism, or provoking it? And is not war itself terrorism?

This is a remarkably stupid comment from someone who actually served in WWII. Gee, I guess the folks who got out of Auschwitz alive thanks to our war against Nazi Germany are just losers, right Howard? Not to mention the--thanks to war--free people of Western Europe, large chunks of Asia and (thanks to the COLD war that Howard Zinn also opposed) the former Soviet Union.

It's pretty embarrassing when one of the intellectual leaders of the American liberal movement is dumber than your average bumper sticker.

Speaking of dumb, the WSJ today nails the stupidity of the easy-money, give away the farm policies of this Congress and, sadly, the Bush administration. Everything you need to know about the current economic mess is covered here, along with a reminder of the difficult (in the short term) solution: tighten the money supply, let the housing market hit its natural bottom, then stand back and watch our economy take off as it did under Reagan.

And there's plenty to say about the latest reporting on the Big Dig. Sean P. Murphy is the best reporter on this story, period, and he nails the real numbers on just how badly we in Massachusetts are getting screwed by the Big Dig boondoggle. Remember when the Big Dig was going to cost $3.1 billion? Try $22 billion...and that assumes it doesn't kill anyone else or turn into another flood plain. A forlorn hope if ever there was one.

As bad as that is, what Murphy leaves unsaid (and as a reporter probably should) is that we got the Big Dig we deserve. Massachusetts political hacks and their union stooges saw a chance to dive into a bucket full of money. They knew the numbers were lies. They knew the contract was a taxpayer ripoff. But because some cousin got a job leaning on a shovel, many Bostonians laughed up their sleeves and let it go. As long as we were shaking down Uncle Sugar for the money, who cares?

Oooops. Turns out we're paying 78% of the tab out of our own Bay State pockets. The state is so broke, we're borrowing money to cover paychecks for current workers. When you have to put payroll on the Visa card, you know you're in trouble.

Who will pay the price? Will anyone even be punished? Nobody but us taxpayers.

Oh, and one last thing:

Care to guess which Massachusetts congressmen are sending a letter today demanding federal tax dollars to help locals pay the high price of heating oil? The same ones who will be voting today against allowing more drilling for more oil in America.