Friday, July 11, 2008

Emails Of The Day!

DC writes:

You are so right about whining and hysteria. My satirical neighbor suggests that instead of getting all hysterical, we should have a measured response to a shark sighting. He proposes that we should send a short person in to swim every morning for a few days within a few miles of any shark sighting. If the short person is OK, everyone can go in. If the short person is attacked, well it was just a short person. I think my neighbor is a Randy Newman fan.

I countered to my neighbor that we should send a radical leftist in instead. If the radical leftist survives, fine. If not, well the radical leftist was probably miserable in this world, this country, and this era in any event and so some misery is ended by the experiment.

We have compromised: we agree that Robert Reich should be sent in swimming after a shark sighting.

Cynthia says:


I cannot tell you how much I am not surprised by what has happened with the housing market. My husband and I bought a home in 2002 and bought what we could afford not what a mortgage lender said we could afford.

I explained (actually argued for a very long time with my husband house hunting). He (American) and I (Canadian) argued about this American Dream he went on about. Well in the end we got a beautiful home that we can afford, and we live the way we can afford to live.

My husband learned a lot about the Real American dream and it is not keeping up with the Jones’.
We do not have granite counters but we have an energy efficient home that we take a lot a pride in. Mortgaged our home with a fix rate for 30 years. I do not have fancy jewelry and our son wears second hand clothes. We hardly eat out, once a month (eating out for us is fattening).

We live a good life and believe we are the American dream.