Friday, July 18, 2008

I Finally Have A Reason To Vote FOR McCain!

As most listeners know, I will never willingly cast a vote for John McCain, a man who has led assaults on free speech, border security and drilling in ANWR. This year, I'm a "W. C. Fields" American, that sage observer of the human condition who said "I never vote for anyone. I always vote against."

But today I a have a reason to vote for Juan McAmnesty. Two, actually.

The first is that he will kick terrorist butt (even though he's wrong on waterboarding and refuses to acknowledge the difference between illegal combatants and our honorable soldiers).

The second? He has a sense of humor.

Read this unintentionally hilarious piece from I love the sense of awed outrage over the fact that McCain tells jokes that make fun of people. The writer is just sentences away from suggesting McCain should be institutionalized for his own verbal safety. "He keeps telling these jokes," the writer implicitly complains. "Doesn't he know that's not allowed?"

Now read this column from Maureen Dowd. MoDo will never win the "sharpest knife in the drawer" award, but I think she may be onto something here about how voters are responding to the self-absorbed, thin-skinned pomposity of the One True Obama.

In American politics, the most likeable candidate almost always wins. One would assume the "likeability" race would be an Obama landslide, particularly against Sen. Cranky Old Guy. Now I'm starting to wonder.

Do we really want a president who can't take a joke...or tell one, either?