Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chris Matthews: My Heroes Have Always Been Democrats

First, let me say "congratulations" to the Democrats for their victories on Tuesday. You won fair and square. This gives you control of Congress.

However, despite Chris Matthews' embarrassing comments to the contrary, being a Democrat doesn't make you "heroes."

Listening to Matthews blathering on about Harold Ford Jr.'s "heroic race for the Senate," I got my first taste of just how insufferable the Left is going to be for the next two years.

Look, I like Harold Ford fine. But running for the Senate doesn't make you a "hero." It makes you a politician. Winning elections makes you a GOOD politician. But neither running nor winning make you a good or bad person.

This "Courageous Harold Ford" line has been repeated ad nauseum by the mainstream media. But what is the least bit "heroic" about Ford--a lifelong politician--running for higher office? He's done it many times before. He's a politician. It's what they do.

Why isn't his opponent, Bob Corker (you know, the guy who WON?) a hero? Or Rick Santorum, who "heroically" presented the voters of Pennsylvania with his principled vision, and was summarily tossed out on his can for it. Doesn't that earn "hero" status?

Of course not. Matthews and the Lefty media call Harold Ford a "hero" because he happens to be black and he's a Democrat. Michael Steele, a black Republican who, unlike Ford, was actually attacked for being black and called "oreo," "Uncle Tom" and other racial epithets was NOT a media hero, because he's a Republican.

In other words, Democrats are good and Republicans are bad. That's the complexed, nuanced thinking of our objective, high-minded American media.

We've got the same juvenile hero-worship here in Massachusetts, where Democrat Deval Patrick ran a vacuous, incomprehensible campaign for governor based entirely on platitudes so ludicrous and insipid even Rev. Jesse Jackson couldn't deliver them with a straight face. What is Patrick? According to the media--A hero.

He's a courageous leader because he refused to take a clear stand on most issues, and because he refused to run negative ads (he didn't have to--the unions and liberal 527s ran millions in TV ads beating the crap out of his opponent, to which he never objected).

Deval Patrick is a fraud, a charlatan, a joke. But he's handsome and uses the word "hope" every other sentence, and he also happens to be black.

Instant "hero."

When he wasn't blathering incoherently about hope, faith and "fueling the future on the fumes of the past" (I kid you not), Patrick argued that people shouldn't support his opponent because "you're a better person than that." This was particularly interesting given that every poll showed most Bay Staters disagreed with Patrick on the big issues like taxes, illegal immigration and schools.

So apparently if I voted for a candidate I actually agreed with on the issues...I am a bad person. But if I voted for a guy who I thought was wrong on taxes, that made me "good?"

Believe it or not, the writers and editors of the Boston Globe-Democrat bought into this nonsense hook, line and sinker.

This is the Natural Truth: Voting for someone doesn't make you good or bad. Being a Democrat does not improve your character. This stuff is just politics. It's not morality. Any adult can tell you that.

Unfortunately, as I learned watching the pathetic pukefest between liberal Chris Matthews and whackjob Keith Olbermann last night, the media doesn't hire adults anymore.