Wednesday, October 31, 2007


That's the headline on this article about Tuesday night's debate, and "stumble" is about the nicest way to describe the "Hillary-In-The-Headlights" moment she experienced on the issue of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

Will it make any difference whatsoever? No. Sorry, but the fact that Hillary Rodham was caught in a lie is about as surprising as her husband being caught under a sorority girl. Everybody who supports Hillary knows she's "truthularly-challenged." They expect it.

She is, after all, a Clinton. Even if it's only by marriage.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can Blue State Voters Ever Join Red Sox Nation?

No way! I explain why in today's Boston Herald.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Want To Play Golf For The Jimmy Fund?

Mike Andrews, chairman of the Jimmy Fund and member of the '67 Red Sox "Dream Team" joined us this morning to talk about the World Series sweep. He also wanted to remind all the folks who put together golf tournaments to benefit the Jimmy Fund's fight against cancer that now is the time of year to get organized, get your date locked down, and get in touch with the Jimmy Fund.

If you and your co-workers, church members, club buddies or cellmates (uh...maybe not) are organizing a golf tournament, call the Jimmy Fund at 866-521-4653 or visit

Friday, October 26, 2007

Deval, I Didn't Know You Cared....

Governor Patrick, please--I'm blushing.

After all, how many radio talk show hosts get mentioned by the governor during a speech at Faneiul Hall?

During a speech Wednesday night, Governor Patrick, the "Cadillac of Governors" as he's known on my show, called me out for my allegedly "racist" on-air comments. What outrageous observation did I make? That the reason he endorsed Barack Obama was because the Illinois Senator is black.

Pretty shocking, right?

Then, just to make sure nobody missed the point, Gov. Patrick compared my comments to "nooses found on college campuses and a disproportionate number of minorities affected by the spike in foreclosures."

That last comment is particularly stinging, coming as it does from Gov. Ameriquest.

Now, if the governor were merely slinging this knee-jerk nonsense at me, I'd take the compliment and move on. But when he insulted the listeners of 96.9 WTKK, he crossed the line.

He called you out for your "ensuing lack of reaction" to my words. As one of his aides put it:

"Governor Patrick used [Graham's comments] as an example of intolerance and...words that are out there still, and sometimes don't even raise an eyebrow."

I've made the observation that Gov. Patrick's decision to dump Hillary in favor of Sen. Obama was based on race many times. Yes, it's true, nobody has ever raised an objection (or eyebrow) before. And yes, I suppose one reason might be, as the governor suggests, that WTKK listeners are all Klan members giving each other the secret handshake when they should be denouncing my "racist" rantings.

But isn't the more likely reason that nobody has complained about my Patrick/Obama observation is...because it's so painfully, obviously true?

Seriously, is there anyone doesn't believe Gov. Patrick's endorsement of Obama is all about race?

Governor, I'm delighted that you're part of the audience and you're certainly more than welcome to call in anytime, but please--there isn't anybody in the Commonwealth with an IQ in double-digits who doesn't know that your support for Barack Obama is centered entirely on race.

Are you really denying it? Do you really saying "Oh, no, it had NOTHING to do with race. Why, I endorsed a less-than-one term US Senator with no foreign policy experience who's already losing to Hillary by 31% for all those other great reasons, uh, like...."


To believe that Gov. Patrick's endorsement is not based on race, one must believe that if Barack Obama where instead Irish white guy Bill O'Bannion from Chicago--with the same ideology and (lack of) political experience--Deval would be endorsing him over Hillary.

I don't even know many Democrats dumb enough to believe that.

I assume Gov. Patrick agrees with me that anyone who votes against him or Sen. Obama because they're black is an idiot. I've repeatedly said so on the air. But how are those voters significantly different from the ones who would for FOR these two men for the same reason?

For the record, Gov. Patrick has a standing invitation to appear on my radio show anytime he'd like. As a regular listener, he must know this.

But please, Governor. Let's watch the name-calling....

11-Year-Olds Aren't "Lovers," They're "Victims."

That's what the District Attorney in Portland, ME had to explain to the school board members who voted to give tax-funded birth control pills, patches and injections. As she succinctly put it in the press:

"Maine law prohibits having sex with a person under age 14, regardless of the age of the other person involved, Anderson said."

What part of "sexual assault" don't these loony Lefties understand?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The "DREAM" That Wouldn't Die

Amnesty is back and, once again, the two US Senators from New Hampshire may cast the deciding votes.

Sen. Harry Reid, taking a brief intermission from lying about conservative talk show hosts, has brought back the so-called "DREAM" Act, which would grant amnesty to more than 2 million illegal immigrants currently in the US.

The vote is scheduled for today, and while the Democrats have a clear pro-amnesty majority, they need 60 votes to keep border security advocates from killing the bill through filibuster.

If Sens. Gregg and Sununu both vote "yes," then this amnesty plan is almost certain to pass. If the both vote "no," it's probably dead--or at least postponed.

If you live in New Hampshire, it's time to make your voice heard. TODAY. Tomorrow is too late. Here are the numbers:

John Sununu (202) 224-2841

Judd Gregg (202) 224-3324

The open-borders gang is already bombarding the phones, so don't wait!

UPDATE! The DC offices have been flooded, and the voice mails are full. So here are the numbers of the local NH offices for the senators:


Manchester, NH Office:41 Hooksett RoadManchester, NH 03104 Main: (603) 622-7979

Nashua, NH Office:170 Main StreetNashua, NH 03060 Main: 603-577-3823

Concord, NH Office:125 North Main StreetConcord, NH 03301 Main: (603) 225-7115

Portsmouth, NH Office:16 Pease BoulevardPortsmouth, NH 03801 Main: (603) 431-2171


BERLIN 60 Pleasant StreetBerlin, NH 03570(603) 752-6074

CLAREMONT 50 Opera House SquareClaremont, NH 03743(603) 542-4872

MANCHESTER 1589 Elm Street, Suite 3Manchester, NH 03101(603) 647-7500

NASHUA 170 Main StreetNashua, NH 03060(603) 577-8960

PORTSMOUTH One New Hampshire AvenueSuite 120Portsmouth, NH 03801(603) 430-9560

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sex Makes Liberals Stupid

That is the only rational conclusion from last night's vote by the Portland, ME school board to give birth control injections to 11-year-old girls without their parents knowledge or consent.

It's one thing for some loony activist to float this dopey idea. It's another for an elected school board, with the entire nation watching, to cast a 5-2 vote for such flagrant stupidity. At this point, the liberal loonies are just showing off.

There are dozens of stories in the media about the kookery at King Middle School, but interestingly, not one raises the obvious point we've been talking about on 96.9 WTKK, namely that sexual contact with an 11-year-old is a felony. It's criminal sexual assault. I assume we call it "assault" because we think these young girls are being, well, assaulted. Why is the Portland school board helping it happen?

If an 11-year-old girl were being beaten by her father, would we just give her band-aids and a helmet and say "Hey, child abuse is gonna happen. At least the helmet will prevent long-term brain damage?" Of course not.

So are we saying that a guy can have sex with an 11-year-old and NOT be committing child abuse? Is that possible? Not on planet Earth, it's not. On planet Liberal....

I write about this in the Boston Herald today:

I have a daughter in a public middle school. I know how hard it is to get a school-sanctioned Tylenol on campus. I’ve fought the “no cupcakes, they might have peanuts!” fight. Some schools are getting rid of the snack machines out of fear of giving our children access to high-fructose corn syrup.

But these same liberal educators are going to let the school nurse pump my 11-year-old full of progesterone so she can “get her groove on” without fear of pregnancy?

Please. Just give her the cupcake.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Good Governor

The Right Rev. Deval Patrick has a message for the cigarette-smoking sinners of Massachusetts.

It is time to turn from your wicked ways, to cast the evil from your lips, to smite the smokes that have led you astray . . . and head for the nearest casino!

Read the rest
in the Boston Herald today.

UPDATE: Rich in Norton, MA writes:

"I had one question regarding Governor Patrick's proposed smoking ban. Is it also his intent to ban trans-fats at the casino sites? I would hate to think I could not enjoy my fried calamari and cigar while I was powering down four martini's!"

Forget "The Fast And The Furious..."

...if you drive in Massachusetts, you should worry about the Old And The Incontinent.

Massachusetts is one of just three states that does not place any restrictions on elderly drivers. The results are stories like
this, and this.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts lawmakers are
still shooting down efforts to place even the mildest of additional requirements on gas-hoggin' geezers. Why?

Because old people vote. They may run you down on the way to the polling place, but they vote. And our fearless leaders on Beacon Hill are too terrified of them to do the right thing.

For an overview of how the states handle old drivers, click

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Pull Over, And Put Your Paws On The Steering Wheel..."

A Massachusetts legislator (who else?) wants to make it a crime for you to let Fido or Fluffy ride in your car without a seat belt. Either that, or they will need a Mitt Romney-approved car carrier.

If you're one of those "irresponsible" pet owners who lets his dog stick his head out the window as you roll through the tree-lined roads of Massachusetts--don't worry. As long as Beacon Hill lets the cops spend all night earning overtime on detail "work," they'll be way too tired to pull Rover over.

UPDATE: Listeners respond...

Hi Michael,

My husband was in a car accident several years ago because the other driver had a dog in the car. The dog was at the driver’s feet and the driver was looking down and on the wrong side of the road. They hit head on. Lucky for everyone, there were no major injuries. But I am certain this is not always the case. Is it really so bad to propose that there be a law that a dog or cat cannot be free to roam around the car? Shouldn’t the safety of other drivers be a concern here?


But I think John hits the more profound issue:


Did anyone bring up other fine details of what this proposed law might entail? Such as, puppy canines up to the age of 12 months need to be restrained in a DOT-approved puppy car seat (facing backwards in a back seat, of course). Then, puppies aged 12-36 months (24 months for larger breeds) can then graduate to DOT-approved canine toddler car seats (again, back seating only) which will allow them the proper height to see out and enjoy the view while providing the necessary level of safety restraint. And, when the dog reaches adult doggiehood, they can finally move up to a DOT-approved doggie seat belt which not only safely restrains your beloved four-legged friend, but also has the added benefit of keeping your back windows clean of doggie nose smear!

For those who argue that their dog would not stand a chance getting out of the seat belt fast enough to jump out of the car if it was driving off a cliff, no worries, DOT-approved doggie seat belts can be purchased with the “ejecta-doggie” option which senses a sudden altitude drop and catapults doggie to safety (while driver and vehicle continue tumbling downward)…

We need this law, Michael, for those dumb and moronic dog owners who can’t legisilate themselves for the safety of our canine constituents.


Why Are These Men Smiling?

Because they've both done the same amount for the cause of world peace! Just ask the Nobel Prize committee.
UPDATE: And thank God Al Gore is here to save us from melting ice caps.....ooops.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why You Can't Trust The National Enquirer

Because of stories like this:


Puh-leeze. What utter nonsense.

John Edwards affair didn't kill any chance he had to become president. His limited intellect and high-school-liberal ideology did that. He hasn't had a shot at winning the nomination in months. Anyone check the polls lately? The guy's barely out of single digits.

The disclosure that he's been cheating on his cancer-striken wife at the same time he's been dragging her around the country (and away from her doctors) to flog his dead horse of a campaign certainly doesn't help. But the Enquirer is one step away from "I'm Carrying Bigfoot's Love Child" when they suggest that the Edwards campaign was anything other than DOA.

UPDATE: And with a WOMAN, too! Take that, Ann Coulter!
UPDATE II: Editorial writer Brad Warthen of Edwards' home state, South Carolina, revealed the real John Edwards back in August.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's Not About The Benjamins, It's About The Jakes

Well, that's how it should be for the Boston Firefighters Union. But as I'm forced to ask in my Boston Herald column today:

"How many firefighters have to die before Ed Kelly and the Boston firefighters union finally do the right thing?"

The answer, tragically, is "more than two." Particularly when the union is holding out for more cash.

The Deval-Unteers Strike Again!

Doug Rubin got a state job as Deval Patrick's chief of staff. Only one problem: He already had a job as political consultant for the Niki Tsonga's widow's congressional campaign. What's a flak to do?

Become a Deval-Unteer!

You remember Gov. Patrick's "Deval-unteer" program, don't you? It's a taxpayer-funded program that pays state employees to "volunteer" for community service. And Niki Tsongas thinks it's a great idea.

When asked how a state employee could continue to run her campaign, Niki Tsongas said Rubin would work as a "paid volunteer."

Is this like an "earned gift" or a "free hooker?" If you can figure it out, there's a spot on a Democratic campaign staff waiting for you.

Who knows--you might even get paid.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Have A Coke And A Smile

And don't sweat the polar bears. They're fine. Don't believe me? Here's Professor Bjorn Lomborg in the Washington Post:

All eyes are on Greenland's melting glaciers as alarm about global warming spreads. This year, delegations of U.S. and European politicians have made pilgrimages to the fastest-moving glacier at Ilulissat, where they declare that they see climate change unfolding before their eyes.

Curiously, something that's rarely mentioned is that temperatures in Greenland were higher in 1941
than they are today. Or that melt rates around Ilulissat were faster in the early part of the past century, according to a new study. And while the delegations first fly into Kangerlussuaq, about 100 miles to the south, they all change planes to go straight to Ilulissat -- perhaps because the Kangerlussuaq glacier is inconveniently growing.

It's amazing how many facts are "inconvenient" to the "Inconvenient Truth" crowd. Lomborg's article, and his new book, Chill Out, are must-reading for anyone who wants to have a rational discussion about climate change.

Alas, that doesn't include future congressbabe Niki Tsongas. Not only does she support the idiotic "kill 1 million jobs today to lower the Earth's temperature by o.3 degrees tomorrow," she can't even get the basic facts right on her campaign webpage.

She's wrong about Massachusetts losing 65 acres per year to rising sea levels. She's wrong when she links temperatures to West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. And she's utterly clueless when she claims that "the ten warmest years on record have occurred since 1995."

Uh, Niki, where do you get this stuff. A simple Google search--or even scrolling through this blog--would let you know you're completely clueless:

"The warmest year on record is now 1934. 1998 (once called the hottest year on record) moves to second place. 1921 takes third. In fact, 5 of the 10 warmest years on record now all occur before World War II."

Niki, if you've been watching the new Ken Burns documentary, you probably noticed how much of the footage is in black-and-white. That's because WWII occurred slightly before 1995.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spy Kids

They’re watching you right now.
They counted every beer you drank during last night’s Red Sox game.

They see you sneaking out to the garage for a smoke.
They know if you’ve got a gun, and where you keep it.
They’re your kids, and they’re the National Security Agency of the Nanny

That's how my column in today's Boston Herald begins. It was inspired by my daughter Alex's recent trip to the pediatrician, during which she was grilled about her parent's bad behavior. "Do your parents drink? Do you think it's too much? Do they smoke? Are there drugs in your house? Does your daddy own a gun?"

All these questions asked, of course, without the knowledge or consent of parents.

Working on this topic, I discovered that this is a "health care" strategy being pushed by the American Academy of Pediatricians. Some doctors claim they are required to ask intrusive questions about children, sexual conduct, and the like whether Mom likes it or not.

The AAP even posted the following on their website:

"The health risks to the adolescents are so impelling that legal barriers and deference to parental involvement should not stand in the way of needed health care."


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Cycle of Democracy

Courtesy of, here's Dr. Alexander Tytler's analysis of the lifespan of democracies:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.

"From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence:

"From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back again into

Monday, October 01, 2007

Name That Racist!

You've probably heard about the controversy regarding some of Bill O'Reilly's comments on the state of African-American culture in America. Angry liberals and black activists are demanding his firing/suspension/beheading, etc. for making this embarrassingly racist comment:

“We cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.”

Oooooops! I'm sorry. Those weren't the comments of evil Bill O'Reilly. No, that's a comment from John Edwards at an MTV event last week. How did I miss that. After all, Edwards' racist comments got the same barrage of negative media coverage that a GOP candidate would get if he made similar....

Ooooops again! There's been no mainstream media coverage of Edwards. It's been all about Bill O'Reilly. And that makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, really, who's more important--a TV talk show host, or the next President of the United States?


UPDATE: O'Reilly was talking to NPR commentator Juan Williams when he made his allegedly racist comments. Williams wasn't offended, and
he explains why here.