Friday, April 28, 2006

If The Illegals Haven't Offended You Yet, Part II

So now even our national anthem isn't good enough for the border invaders. Amnest advocates and illegal immigration supporters have re-written the Star Spangled Banner, not just translating it into Spanish but changing the lyrics as well.

Some of the "new and improved" lyrics?

"These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws ... let's not start a war with all these hard workers, they can't help where they were born."

Oh, great.

Why, why, WHY do illegal immigrants feel the need to change American's national anthem? After all, every other country, including Mexico, has its OWN national anthem already. Illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs, stealing our tax dollars, stealing our education and health services--do they really have to steal our anthem, too?

If they don't like the Mexican national anthem (and I admit, it's not exactly a catchy tune), can't they just get Ricky Martin or Los Lobos to write them a new one? Why screw with America's?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

If The Illegal Immigrant Advocates Haven't Offended You Yet...

Try this flyer handed to one of my listeners yesterday.

Common Sense From The Boston Globe?

It must be Jeff Jacoby! He gets the issues raised by the Lexington (MA) school system's disregard for its parents absolutely right:

When it comes to the education of children, there is always an agenda -- and those who don't share that agenda too often find themselves belittled, marginalized, or ignored. Perhaps it was true, as Thomas Reilly says, that the public schools his children attended "reinforced the values of our home." But as the Parkers and Wirthlins in Lexington can testify, other families have a very different experience. When Kerry Healey says she wants her children "to be in an environment where they can talk about values ..... in a way that you can't always do in a public school setting," many public-school parents will know exactly what she means.

First The Bad News...

...Iran now has missiles that can reach Europe, missiles that their soon-to-be developed nukes could be sitting on.

The good news? FRANCE is in Europe.

The natural truth of this story? The EU ignored American warnings for more than a decade that the murderous mullahs of Iran had a secret and illegal nuke program. The EU and the UN ignored us, while the Iranians laughed at them.

If Iran's insanity threatens Europe, the Euro-weenies have no one to blame but themselves.

Illegals To America: We Will Shut You Down!

The attempted intimidation of American citizens continues:

"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official organizing the May 1st protests by illegal immigrants. "We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1."

Like many of his fellow pro-amnesty activists, he is threatening law-abiding American citizens with a simple, straightfoward message: Pass the laws we want--or else.

Here in Massachusetts, local business owners have shared their accounts of being approached by illegal immigration activists and "urged" to shut down May 1st, whether these business owners want to or now. One business, owned by Ernesto (a naturalized American citizen from Cuba) declined the first invitation to close on May 1st and was approached the following day by a larger group of amnesty activists and "asked" again to shut down.

To his credit, Ernesto will be open for business on Monday. Not so for several business owners in Providence, RI and Cape Cod MA, who told me they want to remain open but have decided to close out of fear. Worse, legal immigrants who want to work are being pressured to stay home money, regardless of how they feel about amnesty for illegals. Many of these legal immigrants are low-wage employees who can't afford to miss a day of work.

Where is the "justice?" Where is the "fairness?" Where the hell are the COPS?

Isn't this extortion? If Tony Soprano were sending Chris and Vito (OK, maybe not Vito) to shake down businesses, wouldn't the FBI be involved?

Here's the problem: Criminals are criminals. If you're willing to break our immigration laws and our employment laws and our anti-fraud laws, why should I be surprised that you're willing to lean on business owners to get them to "come around?"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Support Amnesty....Or Else

That's the message some businessowners are receiving from amnesty advocates as the May 1 "Great America Boycott" approaches.

Roger Pelletier, who owns Providence Automotive Engineering Co. on Broad Street, does not want to close, "but I'm afraid if I do stay open, are they gonna ruin the place -- vandalize it?"

Pelletier says he was approached last week by two people whom he says "were Dominicans with a poster and everything -- they just asked me if I was willing to close [the shop] to help them support that immigration thing, whatever that is that they're fighting."

He adds, "I do a lot of business with Hispanic people. They're fine to do business with. But I can't see losing a day of wages for this whole thing. What are they gonna gain from this? I can't understand."

Pelletier says, "I've been here 46 years. I pay taxes, I pay workers' comp, I have Blue Cross" for his employees. "Now who is gonna come in here and tell me what to do? I was here first."

Mr. Pelletier may have reason to worry. According to the same news article, Juan Garcia, head of the Immigrants in Action Committee said "he was disappointed that some businesses plan to remain open. While not Hispanic owned or operated, those businesses have a largely Hispanic customer base."

"That's their decision," says Garcia. "But we say to the people who don't close, right now is a time for business to support the [Hispanic] community," that has supported them "for years and years."

And just in case you missed his point: Garcia stresses, "We are not forcing anyone to close."

Yeah, right.

CAIR Gets Caught Again

Many of you are familiar with my "relationship" with the Council of Angry Islamic "Council on American-Islamic Relations," an organization founded by terror supporters that, for some bizarre reason, had enough clout with ABC/Disney to get me fired from a previous radio gig.

My first encounter with CAIR was a press release they sent out falsely claiming that I said on the air that all Muslims should be killed. Fortunately for me, my listeners knew this was sheer idiocy and, eventually, Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR was forced to admit--LIVE ON MY SHOW--that they were lying.

Now, CAIR has been caught again. As David Frum recounts, CAIR has had to withdraw a lawsuit they filed based on the claim that it is a lie to link CAIR to terrorism. CAIR has essentially acknowledged that this statement is true. CAIR has undeniable links to terror, not the least of which is the fact that four of its members are either in jail or on the lam for committing terror-related crimes.

Which once again raises the question: What the hell was ABC Radio thinking when it fired me over complaints from this gang of goons?

Hey, Nancy Pelosi: This IS Rocket Science!

Jesse is a listener of ours who also happens to be an actual rocket scientist. Here's his take on the current sniping over gas prices:


You had a caller say that windmills do not produce a lot of energy. That simply is not true. Wind mills nowadays employ the latest design technologies and material selections to get up to 3.3 megawatts of power. If you build 130 of them, that is not insignificant. Now, you could not find enough open space to build enough to power the whole country, but in places where you can we should be doing it, to hell with fat teddy and his veranda view.

Next is to directly combat Nancy Pelosi's claim that the country "should be producing more alternative fuels" (I think that is about right). That's great Nancy.

1: I believe President Bush has brought this up several times in his state of the union addresses. I believe they all laughed when he talked about switch grass. But maybe Pelosi was too giddy in waiting for Bush's remark on social security so her party could have their ridiculous, immature reaction to it, that she didn't hear the part about alternative fuels.

2: If you produce more alternative fuels what is she going to combust them in? Not my car. The problem with hydrogen will not be solved this decade, and unleaded gasoline and ethanol will take the same route as leaded gasoline and unleaded gasoline did. That is to say, my car, your car and most everyone's car runs on unleaded, if you switch to higher and higher percentages of ethanol,(I believe its 30 percent now, but I am not sure), you will damage your car's engine.
Specifically, what happens is the exhaust valves overheat and destroy themselves. This was precisely the same problem with leaded gasoline burning engines, they needed the lead to coat the valves so they didn't burn up. The long and short of it is that for manufacturers to setup the cars with engines that will burn pure ethanol will take time. It will take time for the cars that burn gasoline to phase out.

The real problem with hydrogen is not having an engine that can combust it with oxygen, or storing it--we can do that. The two problems are infrastructure, which isn't a real technical problem, it would be a matter of time and money. The Pilgrims didn't show up here and find a gasoline distribution infrastructure I am pretty sure. The real technical problem that must be solved is that it requires more energy to produce the di-hydrogen molecule than you get out of the combustion process. A hydrogen-oxygen combustion process releases far more energy than an octane-air combustion process, however the energy required to produce the octane, (get it out of the ground, ship it, refine it, ship it, pump it), is much lower than the energy released by the combustion process, that is why oil is so beautiful. Someone will solve the problem of producing the hydrogen I am sure, but it will take time and money.

Electric cars are also stupid ways to try to be green. Instead of using engines that burn octane very well and pollute a surprisingly small amount, (a BMW M3 produces such a small amount of carbon monoxide you can't asphyxiate yourself by putting your mouth over the tailpipe apparently), you plug your car into the wall and draw your energy from, more than likely a coal burning power plant, brilliant, well done hippies.

Bush has to stand up for himself here, he has been saying we need to work on this for years, he has increased its funding and he is allowing the hippies to ruin his record on it in there traditional hysterical johnny come lately fashion.

Jesse, the rocket scientist.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oil: It's A Good Thing!

So says James Glassman at Tech Central Station:

We use oil -- and other unmentioned but implied addictions like coal and natural gas -- to generate energy that powers our cars, heats our homes, lights our cities, runs our factories. By the standard of what they do for us, fossil fuels are pretty cheap. They provide enormous industrial leverage."

It is fossil fuels that are helping to raise people out of poverty in India and China, fossil fuels that have helped the world economy to grow by 4.5 percent last year, its fastest rate in history. If forced to assign some kind of moral value to oil and gas, I would say they are good, not bad. But why moral language at all? The President -- and I am not even mentioning the claptrap one hears from Speaker Denny Hastert, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter -- is now using the lexicon of extreme environmentalists...

Read the entire article here.

Sen. Kennedy: "We've Got Do Break Our Dependency On Oil..."

..."but without interfering with the view at my yacht club!"

Gas Price Myths Busted Here!

High Pump-Price Fairy Tales. There is no scheme behind high gas prices, just the free market.

Exxon Doesn't Owe Us An Apology. Oil companies have not made "outrageous profits." In fact, they're earning less than many of the people bashing them.

Higher Taxes On Gas Companies Will NOT Drive Down Gas Prices. File this idea under "Duh!"

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey, Hillary--They ARE Felons!

Sen. Clinton made headlines recently with her opposition to "criminalizing illegal aliens." She prefers those NON-criminal illegal acts,,

Well, anyway, as we've pointed out on the Michael Graham show, sneaking into the US is already a crime punishable by six months in prison. But what about people who come here on visas and promise to leave after six months or a year, but then refuse to go home. What about them?

Turns out, if they've got a job, they're probably felons already. Despite the assertion by immigration lawyers that having fake Social Security cards and driver's licenses is "petty crime," those are, in fact, felonies.

So, for example, if this MetroWest area driver who seriously injured two children this weekend is here in America illegally and has a fake Social Security card, will the Massachusetts State Police or local cops arrest him for his felony? Why not? If he used that fake SS card to fraudulently obtain a driver's license, will they bust him for that? Once again, why not?

Do local Massachusetts cops really support leaving felons speeding down our roadways?

Malkin Is In The House!

That's MICHELLE Malkin, and she's joining us in the 6pm hour to talk about illegal immigration, treasonous leaks by Kerry-supporting CIA agents and her new videowebcasting site,!

Michelle was there when I was rousted by illegals and local police at a pro-illegal immigration rally in Maryland last year, and she's one of the most effective spokespeople in the nation right now on the issue of immigration.

Don't miss it!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

As NOT Reported By The Boston Globe...

The headline in the MetroWest Daily News (on a story NOT found in the Globe) reads:


But before you get too excited about this "crackdown" on employers of illegal immigrants, be sure to read this 'graph from the MetroWest coverage:

Federal law prohibits employment of illegal immigrants and provides for penalties and fines against employers who hire them, but it is a common practice among big industries, small companies and individuals across the country because of lax enforcement.
Just one Massachusetts company has been fined in the last three years for hiring illegal immigrants, a Daily News analysis of federal records has shown. That company, Walden Station restaurant in Concord, was fined $1,500.
A report by the Government Accountability Office last year found the number of penalties issued to companies suspected of hiring illegal immigrants across the nation plummeted from 417 in 1999 to only three in 2004.

That's right: Three. Which is why some American companies have taken the additional step of hiring illegals to recruit more illegals to work for them.

And remember amid all this "we need reform" talk that hiring illegals is against the law right now. We just don't enforce it. And after amnest is granted to 12 million illegal aliens and the lawbreakers who've hired them, we STILL won't enforce the law.

In Washington DC, that's what they call "reform."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Border Security Supporters: Racist! Violent! MEXICAN!

Supporters of open borders and amnesty here in Boston say that I'm a racist and a xenophobe because I want our immigration laws applied to all illegal immigrants. They insist that it is our racist American culture that makes us fear people from other countries who aren't white (you know, like the Irish?)

So what do these anti-American amnesty advocates have to say about the latest from the AP:

"...though Mexico demands humane treatment for its citizens who migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for migrants on its own soil...The level of brutality Central American migrants face in Mexico was apparent Monday, when police conducting a raid for undocumented migrants near a rail yard outside Mexico City shot to death a local man, apparently because his dark skin and work clothes made officers think he was a migrant."

And I'm supposed to want America to be MORE like Mexico? Why?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Michael, What Can I DO?

I know it's frustrating for Massachusetts residents who want to take meaningful action in defense of America's borders and the rule of law. Our two US Senators are completely in the bag of the illegal immigrant political movement, and every one of our congressmen supports so-called "amnesty."

So what can you do? Well, I think it's still worthwhile to contact your congressmen (link here) just to keep them from getting cocky.

You should also contact your state legislators to keep them from extending new taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants.

However, the most effective action you can take right now is to contact the following senators:

John McCain (AZ)
Bill Frist (TN)
George Allen (VA)
Sam Brownback (KS)
And of course, Gov. Mitt Romney.

Why these people? Because they are all running for president, that's why! And emails from voters, particularly New Hampshire voters, are taken very seriously by these guys.

I guarentee these emails will make a difference!

Thanks, George! (And Ted and John and Lindsey and...)

The Senate hasn't even voted yet, and one of the worst outcomes of their "rewards for illegals" plan has already begun. Illegal immigrants are pouring over the southern border in anticipation of "amnesty" here in the US.

One shelter in Arizona that serves illegals reports that they took in 2,000 illegals in March--500 more than last year. "Every time there is talk in the north of legalizing [illegal aliens], people get their hopes up," said one of the shelter's operators.

The illegal aliens are reporting that family members in the US--some of them also illegal--are encouraging them to come over now. "My brothers said there is plenty of work there, and that it looks like they will start giving away (work) permits," one illegal immigrant told the AP.

Open borders supporters, we've been telling you all along that amnesty = more illegals. Now you have the objective truth. We're right. You're wrong. Admit it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Operation, You Better Read This One For Yourself

If you agree with Sen. Kennedy that deportation is useless and impossible, you might be interested in this story from American history: Operation, well, a military/civilian/local law enforcement effort in the 1950s that successfully ended widespread illegal immigration from Mexico through the use of deportation:

The INS claimed as many as 1,300,000, though the number officially apprehended did not come anywhere near this total. The INS estimate rested on the claim that most aliens, fearing apprehension by the government, had voluntarily repatriated themselves before and during the operation. The San Antonio district, which included all of Texas outside of El Paso and the Trans-Pecos,qv had officially apprehended slightly more than 80,000 aliens, and local INS officials claimed that an additional 500,000 to 700,000 had fled to Mexico before the campaign began.

The problem was caused by Texas agribusiness encouraging Mexicans to immigrate illegally into the US. The problem was solved when federal, state and local officials got serious about enforcement and persuaded the illegal immigrant community that they might as well go home rather than go through the hassle of being deported.

It worked once. Why can't it work again?

Boston City Councillor Says: "Illegals Have The Right To Be Here."

City Councillor Felix Arroyo told the pro-amnesty rally yesterday that illegal immigrants "have the right, the desire and the power to be here in the United States, according to Catholic Online. I hope to have the Councillor on my radio show today to ask him where the right of foreign nationals to become US citizens whenever they choose comes from?

I'd also like to know if there is any limit to this right, or does it extend to every person in the world? And if so, why do we even have borders? And if the whole world has the right to become American citizens at will, can there be an America at all?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Americans Ordered To Flee Illegals At Boston Pro-Amnesty Rally

Dennis Coull is a 96.9 FM TALK listener. He and four friends went to the pro-amnesty rally on Boston Common today to express their opposition. They wore signs opposing illegal immigration and amnesty and spoke out, but not in a violent or aggressive way.

But they also didn't back down. For an hour they stood their ground, debated illegal aliens who approached them (Dennis & Co. confronted no one. They didn't have to). After an hour of holding their own in the debate, several hundred members of the pro-amnesty crowd decided it was time to go to their preferred form of persuasion: force.

They started yelling threats and cursing at the five American citizens. Then the pro-amnesty crowd began throwing things at them and moving towards them in a threatening threatening that the Boston Police intervened. The police told Dennis and his friends that their safety was in danger and they--not the threatening crowd--had to leave Boston Common.

Dennis complied, but he also saw the irony of the situation: Americans exercising their right to speech being silenced by physical threats from illegal aliens. Once again, the law abiding are forced to accommodate the law breakers.

This is getting messier and messier...

It's Monday: Do You Know Where Your "Undocumented Workers" Are?

Probably handing out something like this (from the pro-amnesty rally in Dallas yesterday) in downtown Boston this afternoon. If you had any doubt what the REAL agenda of the pro-amnesty movement is, this Democratic Party flier should answer it for you. Oh, and be sure to notice the artwork: what country do the Democrats want them to vote in again?

Will Mayor Menino once again said a representative to talk to the advocates of open borders and lawbreaking as he did a few weeks ago? Will would-be governor Deval Patrick once again show up to encouraged citizens of foreign countries to try and influence our democratic process, as he did at the state house last week?

Will anyone at the rallies today in Boston or elsewhere admit that their plan for "securing our borders" if they get amnesty today is MORE amnesty tomorrow?

Yeah, right.

(Hit tip to

Why We Fight For Border Security

Matt Richards, spokesperson for the Pittsburgh chapter of the Service Employees International Union, was at the pro-amnesty rally today and stated clearly the position of the pro-amnesty crowd:

"We feel that no matter what your immigrant status, you have the right to a living wage, a voice on the job and a vote on the ballot."

That's right: Illegal aliens are entitled to every right American citizens have, including the right to vote. That's their agenda. That's why we absolutely have to keep fighting.

Biased In Boston?

Of COURSE! After completely ignoring Thursday's rally at the state house by American citizens opposed to amnesty, today the target="_blank">Boston Globe was ADVERTISING the illegal's pro-amnesty event for this afternoon. Some local broadcast newsrooms (who uniformly refused to cover the pro-border security event) were doing the same, forward-selling their coverage of the pro-amnesty rally later today.

At least one news outlet is defending its decision to refuse to cover the pro-border security side of the debate by blaming me. "We're not going to cover a stunt by some radio talk host," a producer at Fox 25 sniffed.

Fine. So instead of covering me, how about covering the THOUSANDS OF NEW ENGLANDERS who showed up? And are you going to avoid today's rally of illegals because it was organized by political activists pushing their own agenda? Will the presence of Mayor Menino's representative giving a political speech (to name just opportunistic politician) keep you away?

Of course not. There is no way the Boston media can justify their overwhelming coverage of today's amnesty rally after having ignored Thursday's border security event. So they won't even try.

The Boston Globe: All spin, all bias...and no shame.

Getting An "A" In "Illegal Aliens"

Montgomery County, MD is the Massachusetts of the DC area. It's completely dominated by limousine liberals and high-tax advocates. They are also a leader in the open borders movement, annoucing years ago that their local law enforcement would not be allowed to ever inquire about the immigration status of the people they encounter.

Now, they're going the next step: School credit for marching in the streets on behalf of illegal immigration and lawbreaking. The Montgomery County school system requires community service for graduation, and they are counting as that community service any student's participation in the illegal alien protests.

Gee, son, what did YOU learn in school today?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rally For America's Borders! Who Was There...And Who Wasn't?

If we lived in a rational world (as opposed to Massachusetts), one would assume that a gathering of more than 1,000 voters and citizens speaking out in defense of America's borders would draw a large contingent of politicians and candidates. The total head count at yesterday's Defend Our Borders Town Hall meeting?

Six. That's it. Six.

Rep. Parente, and state Senators Hedlund and Fargo were the only elected officials who had the courage to join us in support of border security and the rule of law.

Three candidates also joined us: Gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos, Congressional candidate Richard Barton and state senate candidate Doug Obey.

No Mitt Romney. No Kerry Healy. No Tom Reilly or Chris Gabreli.

This is a pathetically short list, given the number of legislators and candidates who came to Gardner Auditorium two days earlier to show their support for continued illegal immigration and amnesty. Deval Patrick was there, along with Andrea Silbert and others, all asking NON-CITIZENS for their support in our elections. But they were all no-shows when a gathering of citizens came to the State House two days later.

Speaking of no-shows, where the heck was the Boston Globe? They've covered every pro-amnesty event in town, including Tuesday's, but had zero coverage of the taxpaying citizens at the State House. Channel 4? Channel 5? Channel 7? Fox 25?

Nothing. They all covered previous pro-illegal events on Beacon Hill, and they all blew us off.

Kudos, however, to the Boston Herald, Metrowest Daily News and NECN for doing something the Boston Globe abandoned long ago: Covering the actual news.

The Globe's ombudsman and supposed "reader advocate" (ha, ha) can be reached at